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Digital Technology is Changing Construction Design and Renovation

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Since I became DBE certified, it’s been my goal to learn as much as I can about the construction industry. My most recent opportunity is being selected to attend the Turner School of Construction Management. A little about this program, since 1969, it is one of the oldest community outreach program to offer construction training management – implemented one year after their Affirmative Action Department was created to select minority and women-owned firms as strategic business relationships.

This is week two of the program, and in this session, we learned about the use of building information modeling (BIM) which is changing the overall construction industry using this new technological advancement.  We were all amazed by the advanced imaging. The class, along with me, oohed and ahhed at the really cool headgear that produced 3-D images very similar to gaming technology. These technologies are game changers for how builders use blueprints to estimate take-offs, order building supplies and identify specialized materials or designs.

What Does Small Business Need to Know About BIM?

Using BIM technology will offer more contract opportunities, but can most small businesses afford it? The bigger issue is whether small companies can afford the time, probably three to six months, to learn the  software?

Secondly, the next challenge is understanding how to use the software. The most important takeaway I learned in this session is to understand how to use the technology in your role or discipline. As an example, how can you use this technology if you are an estimator, designer or project manager?

My advice – start with doing simple modeling and then advance to more complexed designs.

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Renzie Richardson is the CEO of BHFL Contractors Group which specializes in drywall and metallic painting; and, post-construction cleanup. She also trains and coaches minority-owned businesses. Her contact information is

Renzie RichardsonDigital Technology is Changing Construction Design and Renovation

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